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Recognizing that each individual’s
needs are different, we offer three comprehensive levels of membership: We encourage you to explore each,
and are available to assist you in
selecting the membership level most appropriate to your needs.

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At Apple Travel Care, we believe that when it comes to your health the service you deserve should not and cannot be anything
less than exceptional. We are available 24/7/365 to meet the needs of our clients worldwide.

Apple Travel Care is comprised of a variety of dedicated professionals, including Medical and Flight coordinators, pilots, medical staff, maintenance personnel and ground crews. Our staff is prepared to meet the challenges of each medical emergency, regardless of the location or patient’s condition.

In some cases the individual requiring a medical evacuation is not in any condition to evaluate his or her transport needs. Apple Travel Care provides experienced and medically trained staff who are available 24/7/365 to guide you in making the right decision regarding your transportation needs.

The following items are key components in determining the appropriate Transport service that is right for you:
  • The Condition of the Patient is the most important aspect in deciding which method of transportation is required. An emergency medical evacuation, Medevac, flight is required when the patient is seriously ill or has injuries that require medial treatment throughout the transport. This care is administered by our in-flight Doctors, Nurses and Critical Care Paramedics. We also offer Commercial Airline Escorts for patients who are more medically stable and capable of flying commercially. Our Medical Escorts are there to assist in the total care of the patient. From administering medications and oxygen to mobility assistance and support, our Medial Escorts will ensure the patient’s transport is completely comfortable.

  • The Mode of transport and the Distance traveled are the two main factors in determining cost.

    The distance traveled depends on the client’s location and condition. Should immediate treatment be required, we can arrange admissions and transport to International facilities closest to the patient or to the closest appropriate medical facility upon entering the U.S. If the client is medically stable and wishes to be transported and received at another facility, i.e. one closer to their home, we will continue the transport to accommodate this request.

    The mode of transport may be via a private jet, commercial airline, helicopter, train, watercraft, ground ambulance, etc. Is the patient medically fit-to-fly with a Medical Escort on a commercial flight? Can the patient tolerate long ground transports? Will a helicopter or watercraft be required to transport the patient? Will the client require an immediate Medevac flight by means of a private jet due to his or her level of acuity and time constraints? All of these questions will be answered in determining the most appropriate mode of transport(s) required.

  • Availability- What is available at the patient’s location? In some remote locations, commercial airline flights may not exist or may be time prohibitive. What is the driving distance from the hospital to the airport? Is the runway length too short for jet aircraft to land? Can the cruise ship dock at the next closest port of call? We will coordinate under all conditions to expedite each transport in the most safe and timely manner.

  • Companions- At times it may be more cost effective to fly in a private aircraft rather than commercially when there are a number of companions traveling with the patient. Depending on the number of companions, the cost of last minute commercial airline tickets can add up. For instance, our Learjet 35A can accommodate up to 4 additional companions at no extra cost. Additionally, larger Medevac aircraft are available which can provide for more seating.
Let the experienced team at Apple Travel Care help you in making those critical decisions when transporting a loved one who is in need.

We only utilize aircraft which are operated under FAA Part 135 operations, and that are continually maintained to FAA standards
and regulations.

Additionally, some of the aircraft are equipped with the optional ZR Lite modification, allowing the jet to fly up to 5.5 hours non-stop. This means fewer fuel stops and shorter transport times. There is room for up to 4 additional companions and luggage.

Each aircraft is equipped with medical grade oxygen, Advanced Cardiac Life Support medications, cardiac monitors &
defibrillators, removable stretchers, ventilators, IV fluids, and additional supplies & equipment that are tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

Apple Travel Care is capable of providing transportation under any circumstance. Whether you are on holiday in a foreign
country, on a Cruise Ship getaway or vacationing on a tropical island, our team can make even the most remote medical transport possible.

Medical Assistance
Not every patient requires a private jet Air Ambulance transport. There are situations when the client is medically fit-to-fly via a commercial airline with the assistance of a Medical Escort. There are considerable savings when using commercially available
flights in these situations.

Our medical staff is ready to assist those who need a little extra help when flying on commercial airlines. Apple Travel Care
provides Medical Escorts will monitor the patient's medical condition and comfort during the entire transport process. We have
the experience and working knowledge required to make all flight and transportation arrangements. From wheelchair and ground transportation, to ticketing and portable oxygen, Apple Travel Care will take care of every detail to make each trip easy and comfortable.
Some typical scenarios for Medical Escorts:
  • Mobility Assistance: wheelchair and assistance to and from seats and flight connections.
  • Assistance with supplemental oxygen and administering of medications.
  • Assistance with self-care and logistics - on the aircraft and between flights.
Some patients may require a medical clearance by the commercial airline’s medical department. Apple Travel Care can facilitate with the paperwork needed for the patient’s clearance. The aircraft carries its own airline approved Portable Oxygen Concentrator, thus eliminating the need for bottled oxygen on and between flights. Having the portable oxygen concentrator will expedite your trip as some commercial airlines require an additional 48 to 72 hours to arrange for their portable oxygen supplies; and airlines do not offer bottled oxygen in between flight connections.
Apple Travel Care Medial Escort services offer:
  • Experienced, professional, courteous staff to make all flight and ground arrangements.
  • Experienced Medical Escorts to take care of all your medical needs. (U.S. Licensed)
  • State-of-the-art medical equipment, approved for airline use.
  • 24/7/365 availability.
  • Concierge services to arrange for airline ticketing, luggage handling, wheelchairs, healthcare facility coordination, home health care, physician consultations and hospital admissions.
Non-medical Flight Escorts are available for those unable to travel commercially without assistance. These Flight Escorts are available for clients who need a companion’s helping hand.

Apple Travel Care provides hassle-free travel solutions. One call is all it takes to arrange your next flight free of delays, busy terminals and passenger lines. We go to great lengths to ensure that you have a comfortable and luxurious travel experience.

Apple Travel Care offers unprecedented customer service and competitive pricing on a full-spectrum of aircraft. We can accommodate your needs and desires to fly anywhere in the world, at a moments notice.

With our partner Sano Jet Center, a Fixed Base Operation (FBO), located at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE), we offer private and secure access to your awaiting aircraft.
Call us the next time you want to:
  • Travel on your own schedule.
  • Eliminate passenger lines.
  • Reach those locations out of the ordinary (domestic or international).
  • Experience the luxury of personalized private travel.
  • Transport and deliver time sensitive packages and parcels.
Apple Travel Care also provides:
  • Convenient location at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE).
  • FBO amenities such as a lounge, weather and flight planning room, snack room, TV room, and conference room.
  • Concierge assistance: hotels, car rentals, catering, entertainment.
  • 24/7/365 Private Aircraft Charter services.
  • Conveniently located next to U.S. Customs and Immigration.
Apple Travel Care offers experienced air transportation services for Organ Transplant Teams, Organs and transplant recipients.

We at Apple Travel Care understand the need for a rapid response. Our team can be airborne in less than 1 hour for organ
transport flights.

Apple Travel Care is available 24/7/365 to facilitate the needs of the organ transplant process.