Apple Travel Care
Membership Levels
Recognizing that each individual’s
needs are different, we offer three comprehensive levels of membership: We encourage you to explore each,
and are available to assist you in
selecting the membership level most appropriate to your needs.

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Welcome to Apple Travel Care About Apple Travel Care
Unforeseen illness or injury can be stressful, not only for the victim, but for everybody involved. That stress level is compounded further when these events occur while traveling or in a location without access to definitive medical care.

Apple Travel Care is a comprehensive solution that addresses all facets of a traveler's actual and anticipated medical needs, ranging from first aid training through critical care aeromedical evacuation.

With the tremendous inconsistencies present in medical care found throughout the world, Apple Travel Care can be thought of as akin to a Life-Preserver; Always there for you, ready when you need us, standing by to provide you peace-of-mind.

Membership Benefits
Included with your Membership is unlimited access to Apple Travel Care (ATC) benefits. Apple Travel Care is your one stop
medical call center. Staffed by experienced American-educated, board certified physicians and Acute Care Nurse practitioners,
ATC is available for consultation 24/7. Based upon their determination of the acuity of the patient and anticipation of future
needs, ATC is able to facilitate the following services anywhere in the world:
  • Medical consultation and professionally-guided patient monitoring
  • Referral to competent physicians
  • Hospital admissions
  • Prescription medication assistance
  • Referral for laboratory and diagnostic studies
  • Assistance to family members
  • Hotel and travel arrangements
  • Liaison to consulate/embassy
  • Visa waiver documents
  • Consultation on medicolegal issues
  • Medical escorts aboard commercial aircraft
  • Critical care air ambulance
  • Disaster management


We have formed a strategic partnership with Trinity Air Ambulance International, providing our clients with first-priority access
to critical care aeromedical evacuation, should it be deemed necessary. Celebrating it’s 12th year of service, Trinity is
recognized throughout the industry as the worldwide leader in aeromedical evacuation, capable of providing care for even the
most critical of patient in an environment consistent with that of a hospital intensive care unit. With their large fleet of exceptionally maintained jet aircraft, Trinity is able to lift-off within one hour of receiving notification.

For more information about Trinity Air Ambluance, please visit their website by clicking this link